Crystal Properties


ABALONE- (The Ears Of The Sea) Calming, Smoothing, Healing

AGATE- (The Stabilizer) Stability, Grounding, Supportive

AMAZONITE- (The Playmate) Fluidity, Playful, Optimistic

AMETHYST- (The Intuitive Eye) Trust, Intuition, Spirituality

ANGELITE- Understanding, Calm, Comfort

APATITE- (Increase Your Appetite For Life) Inspiration, Satisfaction, Motivation

BLACK KYANITE- Cutting Cords, Removes Negativity

BLACK TOURMALINE- (Force Field Protector) Protection, Security, Stress Relief

BLOODSTONE- (The Coach) Courage, Vitality, Energizing

BLUE LACE AGATE- (Truth Serum) Anxiety Relief, Soothing, Calming

CARNELIAN- (The Artist) Creativity, Confidence, Passion

CHRYSOCOLLA- (It Is All About New Beginnings) Starting Over, Motivation, Inspiration

CHRYSOPRASE- (The Receiver) Positivity, Open Hearted, Optimistic

CITRINE- (The Light Marker) Happiness, Joy, Light

EPIDOTE- Emotional Healing, Heart Opening,Trust

FLUORITE- (The Rainbow Keeper) Peace, Bliss, Calming

FUCHSITE- (The Fairy Stone) Happiness, Miracles, Blessings

GARNET- (The Energizer) Passion, Energy, Health

GOLDEN QUARTZ- Willpower, Grounding, Resolutions

GOLDSTONE- (Golden Stardust) Confidence, Light, Empowerment

HEMATITE- (Ground Into The Earth) Grounding, Focus, Centering

IOLITE- Eliminate Debt, Break Patterns, Overcome Fear

JADE- (Lucky Charm) Wealth, Success, Wisdom

K2 STONE- Intuition, Wisdom, Enlightenment

LABRADORITE- (The Magician) Cosmic, Destiny, Curiosity

LAPIS LAZULI- (The Wisdomkeeper) Truth, Awareness, Wisdom

LEPIDOLITE- (Sweet Dreams) Peace, Tranquility, Restful Sleep

MALACHITE- (The Transformer) Transformation, Openess, Love

MOOKAITE- (The Adventurer) Beauty, Adventure, Grounding

MOONSTONE- (The Destiny Maker) Divinity, Balance, Tenderness

OBSIDIAN- (The Mirror) Self-Reflection, Protection, Growth

ONYX- (Let It All Go) Protection, Release, Calm

OCEAN JASPER- (Go With The Flow) Nurture, Happiness, Peace

PERIDOT- (Vitamin D) Effervescent, Joy, Happiness

PHANTOM QUARTZ- (Push The Limits) Growth, Transformation, Evolution

PINK OPAL- Hope, Love, Emotional Healing

PYRITE- (Attracting Wealth) Wealth, Success, Protection

RED JASPER- (The Nurturer) Grounding, Nurturing, Centering

RHODOCHROSITE- (The Compassionate Cheerleader) Worthiness, Love, Compassion

RHODONITE- (Rescue Me) Forgiveness, Love, Emotional Healing

RHYOLITE- (The Rainforest Stone) Change, Positivity, Creativity

ROSE QUARTZ- (The Love Magnet) Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion

RUTILATED QUARTZ- (The Illuminator) Clarity, Strength, Energy

SELENITE- Liquid Light, Cleansing, Light, Protection

SHUNGITE- (The Neutralizer) Grounding, Protection, Digital Detox

SERPENTINE- (The Regenerator) Regeneration, Luck, Healing

SMOKY QUARTZ- (Leave Your Baggage Behind) Letting Go, Surrender, Grounding

SODALITE- (The Harmonizer) Communication, Harmony, Trust

SUNSTONE- (The Seductress) Effervescent, Sensual, Creativity

TIGER'S EYE- (The Shape Shifter) Inspiration, Perspective, Good Luck

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ- (The Remover Of Obstacles)

TREE AGATE- (Put Down Spiritual Roots) Grounding, Earthing, Abundance

TURQUOISE- (The Master Healer) Health, Protection, Wisdom

UNAKITE- Release, Positivity, Openess