Viking Collection - Black Kyanite in Antique Copper up-close view - BellaChel Jeweler
Viking Collection - Black Kyanite  Pendant - close up view - BellaChel Jeweler
Viking Collection - Black Kyanite Necklace Pendant - BellaChel Jeweler
Black Kyanite Pendant

Black Kyanite Pendant

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Unique Men's Pendant in Antique Copper. ~ One-of-a-Kind

Stone~ Natural Black Kyanite 

Material~ Sterling Silver

Size~ 2.5" x 1"

Shipping~ Orders fulfilled within 24hrs. Free returns. Quality Guaranteed

  • Black Kyanite meaning: This special crystal known as the revival stone. It has a high vibration, which translates into the ability to remove blockages quickly, and it's one of the few black stones that cannot store negative energies. Black Kyanite helps to keep the prana (life force) flowing harmoniously.
  • It's a great stone for balancing yin and yang energies in the body and synchronizing the male and female aspects of your personality, especially when one is overwhelming the other. Since it cannot absorb energy, crystal experts claim there's no need to cleanse this stone. (energetically)
  • Black Kyanite for Protection~ Wearing Black Kyanite as a pendant can protect your energy from "energy suckers" or “energy vampires.” Those people tend to drain your energy while you interact with them, either with intent or not. 

Black Kyanite makes a Unique Gift for a Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, the Best Luxury Gift for Men, an Amazing Gift for the Impossible Man, or a great gift for men who have everything. Either way, you can't go wrong with this gorgeous necklace pendant!  

Zodiac~ Aries, Taurus, and Libra
Element~ Air
Vibration~ Number 4

All our pieces are cleansed and charged so they are ready for their owner to wear and benefit from their Energy, Beauty, and Healing Properties.