Soft Pink Sakura Stone in Bronze Swirl - front view - BellaChel Jeweler
Soft Pink Sakura Stone Pendant in Bronze Swirl - BellaChel Jeweler
Sakura teardrop pendant in Bronze side view- BellaChel Jeweler
Sakura Teardrop Pendant back view - BellaChel Jeweler

Sakura Teardrop Pendant Necklace

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Feminine Sakura Stone weaved in Bronze ~ One-of-a-Kind

Stone~ Natural Sakura 

Material~ Bronze

Size~ 1.75" x 0.75" 

Shipping~ Orders fulfilled within 24hrs. Free returns. Quality Guaranteed

  • Sakura Agate encourages self-growth.
  • Aids in manifesting & nurturing your dreams.
  • Beautifully soft, feminine energy.
  • Ignites a passion to pursue our dreams and live life to the fullest.

    All our pieces are cleansed and charged so they are ready for their owner to wear and benefit from their Energy, Beauty, and Healing Properties.